#RoadToHybridT50: Hybrid rig operation for lower CO2 emissions in workover

Our first hybrid #T50 workover rig is currently under construction.

Because if we want to reduce CO2 emissions sustainably, rigs, pumps and generators need to move away from fossil fuels. But how? After all, most extraction sites do not currently have an efficient power supply.

Our solution: gradual transformation with hybrid rigs such as our upcoming innovation T50. This can be operated classically with diesel, transitionally with e-fuels and fully electrically – always as green as possible, depending on the conditions at the extraction site.

The T50 is therefore a central component of our holistic decarbonization strategy at the extraction site.

Stage 1: Hybrid Rig T50 + pumps and generators with conventional combustion engines.

Stage 2: E-fuels for all components as an interim solution.

Stage 3: Electricity-powered overall system, possibly with H2 fuel cells.

The upcoming hybrid T50 will be a huge step towards #CleanWorkover! 

Want to find out more?
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