What makes us proud? The fact that team spirit is something we greatly value.

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No two jobs are ever the same

They do exist – the jobs with that sense of adventure. Because on occasion, you will have dirty hands. Because we pierce deep into the ground through soil and rock.

Because we are always faced with unforeseen challenges for which we need to find pragmatic solutions by drawing on our experience and wit. And because as a team, we set things in motion that is much stronger and more powerful than we are as individuals.

Which explains why we will not want any other job. And neither will you. So join our team and start your adventure at MB Well Services.


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Would you have thought...

Oil and gas will become obsolete – or not? True. But that does not mean that our business will.

Wellbores all need to be sealed – and that is what we do. That alone results in plenty of work for the decades to come. Add to this that nowadays, we no longer work on wellbores for the exploration of fossil fuels alone, but also for the mining of salt and for geothermal purposes – the ultimate technology for the future.

Working with us is therefore a good decision for your future.

Just where exactly is Salzwedel? That is not really important. Most of our jobs do not require you to relocate with your family to one of our branches. Working from home to oversee administrative tasks has been a given for us not only since Covid-19. And when working with one of our teams on the rigs, your place of work will in any case often change – sometimes here, and at other times there. This means nothing other than that you live with your family where you feel comfortable yet head out on your MB Well Services adventure for your job.

What distinguishes us as an employer are years and decades of loyalty from our employees. 20+ years of employment with us are not so much an exception, but the rule.

Because the conditions are right, and our employees feel comfortable at MB Well Services. And even those who went to work elsewhere for another experience often return to work with us. A good sign that tells you that we keep our promises.

Working with us can at times be demanding, no reason to sugarcoat the facts. Many employees, however, enjoy just that. However, your job is only one aspect of your life, and we respect that. We therefore take your personal needs as best as possible into consideration, such as important appointments and other things that you value. And even though this may not always be possible, it happens more often than you may think.

We want you to feel that working with us pays off. And it does.

  • Fair payment in line with collective agreements
  • Christmas party and holiday pay
  • The possibility to obtain a driver’s license for truck, forklift, crane and other vehicles
  • Supplementary payments and work-related allowances
  • Company vehicles for certain positions
  • A pocket-friendly company bike with salary conversion

We pay well. But money isn’t everything. Therefore, we also offer a number of additional advantages which aim to make working with us an even more pleasant and worthwhile experience. This includes, for example:

  • Stability instead of the repeated change of management
  • A lot of flexibility when considering personal needs
  • Many professional development offers
  • Genuine career opportunities: intra-company candidates are always given preference for job vacancies
  • A flat organization offering a lot of involvement
  • Workplace health services
  • Small, family-like teams
  • Training with many other trainees
  • Close cooperation with the Drilling Technical College, the Bohrmeisterschule
  • A broad vocational training offer through membership with the Training Alliance of Mining Technologists



Which adventure is for you?
Discover the job you have been waiting for. Because it has been waiting for you.

Accounts payable clerk (m/f/d)

29410 Salzwedel

Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)


electrician (m/f/d)

Salzwedel & Celle

Drilling and workover workers (m/f/d) for drilling / workover rigs

throughout Germany

Deputy shift supervisor / assistant driller (m/f/d) for drilling / workover rigs

throughout Germany

Shift supervisor / driller (m/f/d) for drilling / workover rigs

throughout Germany

Rig manager / toolpusher (m/f/d) for drilling / workover rigs

throughout Germany


Current Education offers


What you should know about us

  1. MB Well Services does not produce oil or gas. We are a service provider for these and many other sectors, for which we render many different services at and inside the wellbore, including P&A of retired downholes.

  2. MB Well Services is no small enterprise. We employ around 360 people and manage a rather large rig fleet. This makes us a leader in Germany and beyond in many areas.

  3. We appreciate honesty. And our customers appreciate that about us, as do our employees. You can rely on what we say and promise.

  4. We are looking forward – to the future. Especially the retirement of wellbores and downholes for sustainable geothermal applications are taking up an ever-larger share of our work. The future looks bright for many more years to come!