“Our slickline teams function like clockwork. Experience and focus vouch for a very low error rate and outstanding results.”

Slickline plus service

40+ years of experience in slickline services have made us leading experts in this field.

Precision, technique and quality equipment allow us to handle many different tasks at the wellsite. Our four winches, including one double-drum winch, allow us to probe wells up to 6,000 meters. Harness the competence and experience of our team!

Services and fields of application

We have comprehensive experience with a range of different services at your wellsite. Our team has undergone intensive training for every single service option and has access to the best possible technical equipment.

  • Dummy runs and cleaning runs in tubings and casings

  • Lowering of fluid level, swabbing

  • Pressure/ temperature logging and production logging (PLT)

  • Measuring of fluid levels in annuli

  • Pressure logging on wellhead during leak tests

  • Sampling of liquids and fluids in different quantities and pressure conditions

  • Opening and closing of sliding sleeves

  • Mechanical perforation of tubing strings

  • Setting and retrieving of plugs and locking mandrels in landing nipple profiles

  • Setting and retrieving of locking mandrels in tubing strings without landing nipple profiles

  • Recovery of solid materials

  • Run in hole of fluids

  • Fishing operations on lost tools and parts

This is why MB Well Services is the right partner for your project:

Our large selection of winches and tools cover many different slickline services.

Our personnel are extremely experienced in handling the equipment and have been trained to exacting standards.

We are happy to go the extra mile for you, to complete your project in no time and to your full satisfaction.

Comprehensive equipment for a range of services

Thanks to our in-house engineering, all winches and tools are always in top technical condition and ready for operation even in the unusual event of a sudden defect. This is how we reduce downtimes while working to highly economical standards, always with the customer’s interests in mind.

  • Slickline winches with change drum system for depths up to 6,000 m

  • Single drum winches for medium to heavy slickline jobs

  • Double drum winch for heavy slickline jobs and swabbing

  • Wires for slickline jobs in sweet and sour gas environments of up to 3.2mm/ 0.125” diameter

  • Braided line/ swabbing line with 4.72 mm/ 3/16″ outer diameter

  • Cranes for positioning and holding of light to medium lubricator equipment/ sluice systems for light to medium jobs

  • Lubricator equipment/ sluice systems from 3” to 9”

In tubing strings:

  • Coiled scraper
  • Steel gage
  • Lead impression
  • All-layer scraper
  • Brushes

In casings:

  • Disc gage
  • Dummy gage
  • Brushes
  • Scrapers
  • Sand Bailer
  • Drive Down Bailer
  • Bailer
  • Swabbing tool string

  • Running/ pulling tools and plugs or locking mandrels for landing nipple profiles

  • Running/ pulling tools and locking mandrels for tubing strings without landing nipple profiles

  • Shifting tools to open and close sliding sleeves

  • Mechanical perforators

  • Electronic logging tools (Memory Mode) for pressure, temperature and production logging (PLT)

  • Echometer – measuring device for identification of fluid level in annuli

  • Pressure logging system on wellheads during leak tests (incl. data logger)

  • Sampler for pressureless liquid samples

  • Sampler for fluid samples: PNL64, PDS, OPS system

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