“Sustainability in generating energy affects every link of the chain. And that includes us. Therefore, our ongoing investments are made with the environment, the climate, and the protection of local residents in mind.”

A wealth of experience in geothermal drilling

Geothermal power stations are self-sufficient and not affected by fluctuating wind and solar conditions. Neither do they consume fuel – yet they operate without producing emissions.

MB Well Services is there to assist you with the downhole and wellbore services such a project commands – with over 100 years of experience and an outstanding quality of planning and implementation.

To achieve this, we combine our decades of experience in the drilling sector with innovative solutions that are tailored to geothermal parameters. For example, with a specifically designed lifting platform.

Drilling and service

Our diverse inventory of rigs allows us to execute geothermal drilling up to 3,500 meters of depth in addition to providing wellbore services up to 5,000 meters of depth. On request even inclusive of an integrated project management and with active support for project planning approval procedures, documentation and more – or even directly as the general contractor.

Teams and equipment

Our diverse inventory of rigs allows us to meet the demands of the respective wellsites and cater to the different requirements, all while working as safely and economically as possible even if the wellsite is in the immediate vicinity of a residential area. This also includes the in-house design of a lifting platform that meets geothermal requirements which, in turn, allows you to maximize your value creation.

Our experienced teams are perfectly familiar with the respective rig, since most team members have been on board for many years. At any point in time, we know exactly what is going on both in terms of background planning as well as on-site execution.

This is why MB Well Services is the right partner for your project:

Drilling and wellsite services have been our key business for over 100 years. Experience that shows especially when things do no go according to plan.

Employees often work 20+ years with us, which attests to our constant commitment to our workforce. Uncompromising health and safety efforts and our dedication to the environment are a fixed part of our corporate culture.

If you witness as many wells as we have, you will have solved just about any challenge at least once before. Harness our planning experience and solution competency to your advantage.

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