“When things are textbook easy, many can shine. But as we all know: That is rarely the case. We are the right partner for you when it comes to demonstrating strength the very moment a challenge occurs.”

Added reliability for Drilling & Heavy Workover

Every drilling experience is different. Still, it helps considerably to have seen, experienced and worked on many hundreds before. After all, any successfully completed project adds to our toolbox of tried and tested solutions – the basis for considerable flexibility of solution-finding, which is why our customers appreciate MB Well Services so much.

And this goes for our on-rig teams as well as for our planners, engineers, and project managers working in the background.

If the situation calls for it, we will be the acting general contractor, to support you with the planning of your project and obtaining of approvals. We will also assist you with the coordination of subcontractors and the documentation and, if need be, will engage our in-house engineering to keep downtimes as short as possible – or, more often than not, avoid these to begin with.


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Services and fields of application

Our range of rigs with varying features manned by cross-trained, experienced teams enable us to carry out a range of Drilling and Heavy Workover tasks to exacting quality standards. Send us your inquiry – without obligation – to learn more about how we would approach your request as best and budget-friendly as possible.

  • Drilling of oil, gas, cavern and geothermal wellbores up to 3,500 m
  • Sidetracking from existing wellbores
  • Directional drilling and horizontal drilling
  • Arranging and organizing contractor services during drilling and workover projects
  • Change of pipe level during leaching on caverns

  • Changing of cavern completion from leaching to first filling

  • Leak tests on caverns

  • Re-completions

  • Plugging wellbores according to regulations

  • Pumping of cement

  • Fishing of e.g., casings, tubings, sucker rods, lost cables, sand filters, production packers, etc.

  • Milling of e.g., packers, casings, tubings, bridge plugs, etc.

  • Dismantling of wellhead flanges and well packers

  • Removal of submersible pump incl. control line

  • Configuration and run-in of ESP on production tubing with control line

  • ESP positioning

  • Killing of wells

  • Circulation operation at the wellbore

  • Well cleaning

  • Acid treatment

  • Pumping of annular protective fluid

  • Setting of packers

  • Release of setting tools

  • Opening of circulation systems (e.g., sliding sleeves)

  • Release of production packers

  • Removing and installing of tubing strings

  • Positioning of tubing string packers

  • Test of production tubing

  • Test of annulus

  • Wellhead flange

  • BOP

  • Integrity test

  • Annulus cementing to surface or bottomhole cementing

  • Squeeze cementing to seal the wellbore against formation, leak paths, cracks or depleted reservoirs

  • Plug cementing or bottomhole cementing

  • Plug and abandonment of decommissioned or uneconomic wellbores

  • Installation and dismantling of wellhead flanges

  • Installation, dismantling and configuration of wellheads

  • Production testing after perforation and acid treatment or to establish recoverability

  • First-time well completion

  • Removal of old well completion

  • Run-in of new well completion

  • Installation and removal of gravel pack assemblies

On-site personnel have been trained to handle:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Kick and exit drills
  • Respiratory protection and gas measuring devices

This is why MB Well Services is the right partner for your project:

Our different rigs cater to hook loads of up to 200 tons and are serviced and upgraded regularly by our in-house engineers.

20+ years of employment with our company are not the exception, but the rule. Consequently, every movement has been perfected.

Things don’t always go according to plan. Only when dealing with unforeseen challenges does a service provider’s qualities come to light. That is also when we reach our full potential.

Drilling & Heavy Workover Rigs

We have different rig types with many diverse features and hook loads on standby. We continuously work on improving our existing systems. One central component here is our in-house engineering which guarantees the unrivaled technical condition of all systems.

Contact us now to secure our expertise!

We are happy to discuss with you whether our equipment and availability are a fit for your project parameters. Call us now or use our contact form.