“As a market leader for plug and abandonment services in Germany, we draw on many years of experience and grown know-how for your project.”

Leading P&A service provider

MB Well Services is the most experienced partner you will find for P&A operations for retired wellbores. We have successfully completed several hundred P&A assignments, and this number is rising.

Thanks to our considerable experience, we vouch for added security and conformity with regulations while working to extremely cost-efficient standards thanks to effective processes.

Solutions and planning

No two abandonments are alike. Our experience will benefit you all the more for the retirement of wellbores. Depending on on-site circumstances, we devise a solid plan for the no-leak plug & abandonment of your well, facilitating your compliance with all legal requirements. Next to the protection of the environment, the health and safety of employees during P&A operations and, if necessary, the protection of local residents is our most prioritized concern.

As needed, we plan and implement well plug and abandonment in our capacity as a general contractor from start to finish, even handling the coordination with subcontractors.

Execution and equipment

As a specialist for workover and plug & abandonment services, we have a large and flexible inventory of rigs. This allows us to retire a range of different wellbores under very different conditions at the wellsite – always secure, always cost-effective.

And thanks to our in-house engineering, we have the maximum possible flexibility at our fingertips to deal with challenging situations.

And this is why MB Well Services is the right partner for your project:

Several hundred successful plug and abandonment operations speak for themselves. Harness our experience for the smooth retirement of your wellsite.

Our large and diverse inventory of rigs gives us a considerable breadth of operational performance to match the very conditions found at your wellsite.

Benefit from our know-how for the complete retirement from a single experienced source.

This is our approach:

01. Analysis

We review the conditions of and inside your wellbore as well as at the wellsite.

02. Engineering

We plan the retirement of your wellbore in detail and tool up our rig accordingly.

03. Execution

With the greatest of care, we plug and seal your wellbore in line with current regulations.

04. Documentation

As proof of having complied with all legal obligations, we provide extensive documentation of the wellbore retirement.