1 year full capacity for heavy workover rig

We are particularly pleased with long-term orders that result directly from a current good working relationship. They provide direct evidence of the strong operational performance of our crews out in the fields – the key to high customer satisfaction and great customer confidence.

This has just happened in the fields of an oil and gas producer operating mainly in northern Germany. While our T48 heavy workover rig is still in operation there, it has already been ordered by the producer for the entire year 2024.

“Particularly for such a large rig, a one-year capacity utilization is a strong sign,” says Daniel Hirschl, head of the Heavy Workover division at MB Well Services. The rig will be used mainly for backfilling, but also for various workover jobs.

This is a good opportunity to expressly thank our operating crews on the rigs who, with their reliable and solution-oriented work, repeatedly justify the great trust placed in them by our customers and reliably master even demanding projects.