Wireline services

Wireline Services


  • Dummy and cleaning runs in tubings and casings
  • Recovery of solid materials
  • Run in hole of fluids (i.e. cement or acids)
  • Lowering fluid level, swabbing
  • Setting and retrieving of plugs and lock mandrels in landing nipple profiles
  • Setting and retrieving of hangers in production lines without landing nipple profile
  • Opening and closing of side sliding doors (SSDs)
  • Mechanical perforation of production lines (tubings), One-Hole-Punch
  • Fishing Operations on lost tools and equipment
  • Performance of pressure/temperature logging and production logging (PLT)
  • Measurement of fluid level in annular
  • Pressure logging on wellhead during leak tests
  • Sampling of liquids and fluids in different quantities and pressure conditions

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