Wireline equipment

Wireline equipment

Winches and assessories

  • Slickline winches with change drum system for depths up to 6,000 m
  • Single drum winches for medium heavy to heavy slickline jobs
  • Double drum winch for heavy slickline jobs and swabbing
  • Wires for slickline jobs in sweet and sour gas up to 3.2 mm / 0.125" diameter
  • Braided line / swabbing line with 4.72 mm / 3/16" outer diameter
  • Cranes for positioning and hold of light to medium heavy lubricator equipment
  • Lubricator equipment from 3" to 9"

Tools and auxiliary equipment

  • Tools for dummy and cleaning runs in tubing: tubing gauge, blind blocks, impression blocks, brushes
  • Tools for dummy and cleaning runs in casing: disc caliber, dummy-caliber, brushes, scratchers
  • Tools for recovery of solid materials: sand bailer, drive down bailer
  • Tools for lowering fluid level: bailer, swabbing tool string
  • Running-/pulling tools and plugs or lock mandrels for landing nipple profils
  • Running-/pulling tools, bridge plugs and hangers for tubings without landing nipple
  • Shifting Tools to open and close side sliding doors
  • Mechanical perforators
  • Electronic logging tools for pressure-temperature measurements and production logging
  • Echometer – measuring device for identification of fluid level in annular
  • Measuring system with data logger for pressure logging on wellhead during leak tests
  • Sampler for pressureless liquid samples
  • Sampler for fluid samples: PNL64, PDS, OPS-System

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