Quick-Rig AW 23 already in hot demand

Quick-Rig AW 23 already in hot demand

The new workover rig AW 23 from MB Well Services can be on site in just one day in case of production failure, for example, to change the pump in a well.

With a nominal hook load of 43 t and a peak hook load of 51 t, the self-propelled Wilson rig is a very powerful single-tube workover rig. However, by eliminating the otherwise required heavy-duty transport permit, it can be mobilized within hours, thereby reducing costs as well.

The machine is equipped with the latest engine technology (EURO 6), which ensures lower fuel consumption with simultaneous emission reduction. The powerful drawworks, two auxiliary winches and the foldable working platform allow for more flexible and faster work and relocating.

After intensive training phase of the 4-member crew, the AW 23 has been working successfully in the field for several weeks and is in high demand among customers. Due to this great demand, we are planning to add a further Quick-Rig to our machinery.

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