Decommissioning of an old geothermal well

MB Well Services executes final decommissioning of an old geothermal well in Bellheim, South West of Germany

On behalf of Deutsche Erdwärme GmbH & Co. KG, a 2,100 m deep, provisionally closed well was finally decommissioned. MB Well Services took over the contract as general contractor and coordinated all necessary services.

At the beginning, the temporary concrete closure was milled in close coordination with the customer and the mining authority. Our drilling and workover rig T49 with 155 tons hook load was used for this. Subsequent investigations of the well came to the conclusion that the abandonment can be done as planned. Beginning on the bottom, concrete and liquid media were poured in different stages. The well-balanced combination ensures that water, oil or gas from the surrounding rock never enters the hole and pushes it to the surface.

During the entire period of the project, experts from the client as well as TÜV-Süd supervised the proper execution. All sections could be completed within the planned timeframe.

Following the dismantling of the rig, the casing of the abandoned well is now cut off approx. 5 m below the surface where it is permanently closed with a thick steel plate.The final filling with soil and the demolition of the well site complete the measures.

Lutz Stahl, Managing Director of Deutsche Erdwärme explains:

„The company that left the well bore was originally in need of decommissioning. As part of our commitment to the region, we have undertaken to take on this task and want to complete it successfully and safely.“

And further:

„With the company MB Well Services we had a reliable and competent partner at our side for the final decommissioning of the well. Expert knowledge and the highest safety competence of the whole team have convinced us at any time.“

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