Light workover

Light workover services

MB Well Services - Light workover services

Decommissioning of pump drive

  • Decommissioning, securing and dismantling of pump drive above ground after approval by operator

Change-out of pump and sucker rod with length adjustment for pumps with Drive-head-system

  • Back-off and pull-out of sucker rod
  • Change of pump
  • Installation of sucker rod incl. length adjustment for handover to operator
  • Function test

ESP replacement

  • Dismantling of well head flanges and well packers
  • Removal of ESP incl. control line
  • Configuration and run-in of submersible pump on production tubing with control line
  • Positioning and function test of submersible pump

Change-out of production tubing

  • Release of production packer
  • Pull-out and run-in of production tubing
  • Positioning and anchoring of the production tubing

Pressure tests

  • Test of production tubing, annulus, well head, BOP
  • Fishing and milling jobs according to the operator's specifications
  • Fishing of e.g. casings, tubings, sucker rods, lost cables, sand filter, production packer etc.
  • Milling of e.g. packer, casings, tubings, cement bridges etc.
  • Lead impression bocks


  • Annular cementation or bottom hole cementation
  • Cement-Squeezing to seal the well against formation, gaps, cracks or depleted reservoirs
  • Execution of plug or bottom hole cementations
  • Plug and abandonment of decommissioned or uneconomic wells

Pumping and acid treatments

  • Self-reliant execution of pumping operations like pressure tests, killing wells, cementations, circulation operations, well cleaning, acid treatment, pumping of annular protective fluid, setting of packers, release of setting tool, opening and closing of circulation systems (i.e. sliding doors)

Gravel Packs

  • Installation and removal of gravel packs assemblies

Wellhead installation and nippling up works

  • Installation and dismantling of flanges
  • Configuration, installation and dismantling of well heads

Production tests

  • Production tests after perforation or acid treatments

Treatment performances on H2S-wells, operative personnel is instructed in handling with hydrogen sulphides

  • Handling of hydrogen sulfide
  • Kick and emergency exercises
  • Personnel instructed in handling of respiratory protection and gas measuring devices

Change-out of production wells

  • First completion, pull-out of old completion, run-in of new completion

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